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The Golden Trifecta


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I watched an interesting documentary the other night.

It was trying to frame itself as neutral, but the narrator was far from neutral.

You could tell by the presuppositions she was using.

Presuppositions are linguistic structures we use to hide the ideas we don’t want questioned.

Since it’s a part of language, we all do it unconsciously.

We all have ideas we very much like to believe, but we would be hard pressed to come up with a rational reason WHY these are true.

When we use these ideas in a sentence, we hide them inside these linguistic presuppositions.

And unless you take the time to train yourself to see them consciously, they will work like they are supposed to.

One person will be talking, and all of these subconsciously hidden ideas will slide from one brain to another.

When we more or less AGREE with the other person, it gives us a very positive feeling.

But also very vague.

If we more or less DISAGREE with what they are saying, it will come across as them “rubbing us the wrong way” but we don’t exactly know WHY.

Most of us rarely get that “rubbing the wrong way” feeling because we tend to hang out with our own “kind.”

Confirmation bias in action.

Our friends are our friends mainly BECAUSE we share a lot of those same beliefs.

As we naturally use language, we use these presuppositions to hide ideas we LIKE to believe but would never be able to logically defend.

But when you TRAIN yourself to use these linguistic presuppositions, you’ll not only spot them everywhere, but you can consciously choose WHICH beliefs to slip inside their brains.

Now, what ideas, specifically, would you want to slip inside their ideas?

Since you can use these just as well (if not better) in text, you could slip in ideas about a product you might be promoting.

That it has a TON of social proof.

That it has a TON of authority behind it.

And that it’s going to be GONE very quickly.

These three ideas, (authority, social proof and scarcity) can sell a lot of products.

The golden trifecta.

So if you can slip in these three ideas associated with your product, your service, or YOU (on a resume, for example) the person reading it will FEEL those things.

But since they’ll be hidden, they’ll just kind slide off the page directly into their brain.

How do you learn these?

By doing writing drills.

Learn Them Here:


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