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How To Leverage Pareto


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It’s hard to reverse engineer success.

For every ground breaking invention, there are plenty of duds.

I remember when the first Sony Walkman came out.

I read a two page ad in a science magazine.

I must have been in Junior high school.

Or maybe even elementary school.

I remember reading the ad over and over again. 

Absolutely fascinated.

Not just the “new” technology, of being able to listen to music while you walk around, but because the “story” which was the ad was so compelling.

I’ll admit, I was a HUGE geek when I was a kid.

I loved science magazines.

And that ad read like a FANTASTIC science news story.

But for every invention like the Walkman, there are things like laser discs and beta max.

Both could have been equally successful.

BEFORE they were released, all the engineers and marketers were sure they had a winner.

Nobody would sell something they THOUGHT would be a dud.

If you’re a big enough company, you can get away with a couple of duds.

So long as you’ve got a smash hit once in a while, that smash hit can kind of “subsidize” the rest.

This is essentially the Pareto principle in action.

Twenty percent of the stuff is going to do eighty percent of the work.

If you’re a tech company, twenty percent of your products are going to make eighty percent of your income.

This is fantastic news if you are a budding writer.

So long as you keep writing, you can continue to leverage Pareto.

If you write ten articles, then the top 2 (20%) are going to do eighty percent of the work.

If you’re going to make money through freelance work, the more articles or sales pages you write, the BETTER than top twenty percent will perform.

Making THOSE the perfect portfolio for prospective employers.

And if you do some daily drills, this will make you improve even faster.

And if there is ONE SKILL that will come in EXTREMELY handy, that is being able to write persuasively.

You never know when you’ll need to hammer out a VERY IMPORTANT letter that will move minds.

Practice enough and this ONE SKILL may be all you need.

You don’t need much to start.

A pen, some paper and a place to write.

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