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How To Practice Thinking


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Being a good speaker is considered to be a particular skill.

Being a good writer is also considered to be a particular skill.

A common experience is to read a lot of books by a particular writer.

Then you go and see him or her speak, and you’re a bit under-whelmed.

Once a friend of mine and I in college had that experience.

There was one professor that had written a philosophy textbook.

And it was a pretty cool textbook.

At least we thought so at the time.

When we found out he was coming to campus to give a speech, we were excited.

Until we saw him speak.

My friend was so dismayed, he started killing time by counting how often this speaker said, “uh...” while he was speaking.

He was absolutely brilliant in writing.

But you wouldn’t know it by how he spoke.

This is why we consider speaking and writing to be two different skills.

But in reality, they are very tightly connected.

To be a good speaker, OR to be a good writer, you first have to be a good THINKER.

With average thoughts, the BEST you can possibly be is an average speaker OR writer.

But here’s the thing.

You CANNOT practice one or the other WITHOUT simultaneously practicing your thinking.

If you practice speaking, you must also practice thinking.

If you practice writing, you must also practice thinking.

So in a roundabout way, you can IMPROVE your speaking without actually speaking.

Meaning if you practice writing, this will improve your thinking.

Then it’s just a matter of EXPRESSING those thoughts.

Since you have already mastered how to THINK those thoughts.

The other way is much more difficult.

Imagined if you ONLY practice thinking by practicing speaking.

This would take a lot longer.

Because you could only improve your thinking as you spoke.

Not just in random conversations with friends, but in actual speeches in front of people.

Clearly, if you ONLY practiced thinking by practicing giving speeches, it would take a while.

But practicing thinking through writing would significantly accelerate the quality of your thought.

Especially if you followed a specific training program.

Designed to make you INCREDIBLY persuasive.

Most people practice writing simply by writing.

This would be like practicing basketball without a coach, and just playing with whoever was down at the playground.

But if you practiced writing by following a set of drills and specific techniques, you could improve very quickly.

Which means if you ever switched over to speaking, it would just be a matter of expressing the highly developed thoughts already in mind.

After all, thinking, writing and speaking are skills.

And like all skills, the more you practice, the better you get.

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