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How To Become A Super Hero


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Lately there have been a ton of superhero movies.

Seems that every couple of weeks there is another one.

This isn’t really anything new.

Way back in ancient Greece, they had the same kind of deal.

They would tell stories of the gods.

And gods were their version of superheroes.

Sort of like humans, but with extra powers.

This must mean that all of us WISH we were more powerful than we really are.

We like to listen to stories of gods or superheroes and imagine that was really us.

The closest thing to superheroes might be athletes or rock stars.

They might not be able to fly around, but they can do things that most people can’t.

Or they can do things most people CAN, but they do it much better.

In comic books and mythology, superheroes are made.

Bitten by spiders, or they created a magic suit.

But in real life, getting real skills takes practice.

Everybody that we think of as having more skills, enough to get up on stage or in front of a crowd, only have those because they’ve practiced.

Turns out this is the REAL skill.

Of making the decision to practice something every day.

Because if you practice something everyday, it’s only a matter of time before you can do that thing better than everybody else.

The question, then, is what should you practice?

You could practice something like juggling.

Or maybe balancing a banana on your nose or something.

Or you could practice something INSANELY useful.

Something so useful you could use it any time you communicate.

If you practice enough, this one skill can make you a TON of money.

The best part is ALL IT TAKES is practice.

No special equipment.

No special degrees or training.

No special place.

Only your brain, a pen and some paper.

If you practice this simple skill every day for only 30 minutes, pretty soon you’d be skilled enough to make some money.

And once you start making money, that’s when it really starts to get fun.

Because then, the more you practice, the more you’ll make.

You won’t find a lot of skills that can promise that.

What skills, specifically, are these?

Find Out:


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