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Being able to sell is a very powerful skill.

If you can sell, you can make a lot of money.

Even if you only barely escaped from high school, being able to convince somebody to buy something will get you paid.

No degrees or certificates required.

People have been buying and selling since the dawn of time.

When it comes to creating effective products, you need a lot of skills.

Entrepreneurial skills.

Market research skills.

Research and development skills.

Finance and budget skills.

That’s just to be able to create a product.

It’s very rare that the person who has the above skills is also going to have a collection of selling skills.

Which is why all companies are willing to pay tons of money for these persuasive skills.

But even a more valuable skill that is even in higher demand is to be able to sell with words.

Written words.

Because a well written sales letter can get you paid for many years.

There are plenty of benefits of selling through text.

One is you don’t have to sit around waiting for customers.

Two is you don’t have to face rejection.

Just put up a sales page and wait for the traffic.

Three is you can ALWAYS improve a sales page.

Compared to face to face selling, once the customer leaves, you can’t do much.

Even better is you can continue to improve your writing skills without needing to talk to customers.

Face to face selling practice requires people.

But with writing, you can write every day and keep improving.

Especially when you consider all the persuasive technology you can include in your writing.

Things like covert hypnosis.

Linguistic presuppositions.

The Milton Model.

All the sleight of mouth patterns.

So much that if you create ONE sales page, it can keep getting you paid for life.

All these can also be used in a one-on-one setting.

But it requires a LOT of practice.

Writing, on the other hand, you can write and rewrite as often as you want.

Each time adding in more covert hypnosis to make it even more powerful.

If you like the idea of writing for a living, or even just to make a little on the side, this latest guide is just for you.

Check it out:


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