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Symphonies have a much richer sound that single instruments.

Single instruments can product a rhythm, or a melody, or a chord progression.

But most can only do one at a time.

Some instruments are more capable than others.

On a piano, for example, you can play chords with your left hand, and melodies with your right.

But most instruments can only play one note at once.

The best violinist can only play single notes at a time.

Compared to a quartet, which could play a much deeper and richer sound.

People are like instruments.

And we can be either single note instruments, or entire orchestras.

When we communicate with each other only on a superficial, surface level, it’s like two kids whistling at each other.

When we communicate on a deep and complete level, it’s like an entire orchestra.

But this is where the metaphor breaks down.

Music is a one way street.

It comes FROM the instruments and goes TO our ears.

Even so, it can be indescribably beautiful.

Imagine what two people communicating on all levels can do.

This takes a lot of courage.

Because in order to send and receive on all levels, you have to be able to accept and appreciate yourself on all levels.

But once you can do that, something extraordinary will happen.

Like an orchestra, you’ll be able to SEND on all levels.

Most will only be able to pick it up subconsciously.

But you will seem to be MUCH DIFFERENT than anybody else.

The flip side is also the case.

You’ll be able to RECEIVE on all levels as well.

Meaning you’ll be able to understand people on a level that nobody else can understand them.

And since you’ll be able to receive as well as send, this will give you incredible insights.

This is the kind of perception that seems “extra-sensory.”

But that is kind of a misnomer.

Since all things can ONLY go through your regular senses.

But since the things you’ll be capable of sending and receiving through those same five senses, it won’t really be “extra sensory.”

It will only be perceived as such.

And since this is primarily based on how well you are open to YOUR OWN levels of being, you can practice and enhance this skill whenever you want.

Safely in your own home, in your own brain.

Until you’re ready.

Learn How:


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