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What Suit Do You Wear?


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There are a lot of elements from entertainment that work their way into popular culture.

Some of these show up in strange ways.

Often some types of entertainment will reference previous elements of entertainment.

One common phrase is, “he fits the suit.”

This is from an old episode of “The Brady Bunch.”

A bunch of kids were in an amateur singing group.

And some record execs wanted to hire the oldest for a solo act.

The guy they wanted him to play was “Johnny Bravo.”

Turned out the ONLY reason they wanted him was because he “fit the suit.”

Meaning they already had a Johnny Bravo sound and image all picked out.

They had all the music and lyrics written.

All they needed was a guy who “fit the suit.”

You’ll find this phrase in plenty of places.

Generally used to describe something or somebody where ONLY the surface level, external, observable characteristics are important.

The personality, ideas, beliefs of the individual in question are completely irrelevant.

Many people have experience being the “rebound person.”

You think the person really likes you.

But it turns out that since they were on a “rebound” they would pretty much take anybody, so long as they “fit the suit.”

If you’ve ever BEEN the rebound guy or girl, it sucks.

On the other hand, if you KNOW you are going to be the rebound guy or girl, it CAN have it’s advantages.

Meaning it can come with a pre-set escape plan.

Of course, few things ever go according to plan.

Generally speaking, being the guy or gal who only “fits the suit” is not a very good strategy.

It’s much better to be accepted for who you are on a deep level.

The paradox is most of are very reluctant to share ourselves on a deep level.

Most of us take a LONG TIME to open up to ANYBODY on a deep level.

At the same time we HATE to be the guy who fits the suit.

But we also ONLY feel comfortable sharing the “suit” part of us.

The surface structure.

Not the deep structure.

Luckily, with a little bit of introspection, you can find out that most of us are VERY SIMILAR underneath the surface.

You might even find that the “suit” level is where we differ the most.

Which makes it VERY EASY to communicate with others on a deep level.

Know thyself, and know others.

And be sought by everybody.

Learn How:


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