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Communication Flow State


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If you’ve ever learned an instrument, perhaps you’ve had the following experience.

You learned a song, and had it partially memorized.

But sometimes when you practiced, simply by noticing your fingers, you messed up.

Or perhaps you learned something like juggling.

There are times when your conscious brain is turned off, and everything seems to “flow.”

But as soon as you start to “notice” what you are doing, you mess stuff up.

Sports psychologists study this idea of the flow state.

The more skilled you become, the more effective this flow state is.

Since most of us aren’t world class anything, we only experience “normal-people” flow states.

Essentially, this is the level of “unconscious competence.”

When we can do something effectively WITHOUT thinking.

World class athletes, musicians, artists, they experience very high levels of flow state.

This is why people often describe watching professional athletes as “poetry in motion.”

At the same time we KNOW they are doing something WAY ABOVE a normal human skill level, but they are also doing it at the level of unconscious competence.

Most of the things we normally do are at this level.

Walking, talking, simple things like cooking and driving.

However, when we communicate with unfamiliar people, that “messing stuff up by watching it with our conscious minds” happens.

This is when we are struggling to think of what to say.

This is why the advice of “be yourself” actually IS good advice.

It basically means to speak like you would to your best buddy.

Without any restriction or worry.

To speak unconsciously like you normally do.

There are two ways to do this.

One takes a lot of practice.

One is pretty simple.

The first way is to simply practice talking to SO MANY people that you get used to talking to strangers.

So talking to strangers becomes something you are unconsciously competent at.

The second way is MUCH better.

It is based on the idea the underneath all the surface structure stuff, we are THE SAME underneath.

So when you talk to them, on that deep level, you are really talking to and about yourself.

This can seem strange at first.

But it’s much easier to practice.

Since you can practice all alone.

And when you switch your pronouns around, and use some hypnotic language, the other person will see you as somebody with profound insight.

Deep understanding of the human condition.

Somebody that REALLY “gets it.”

This, of course, will make a life long, lasting impression on them.

Learn How:


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