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Humans existed a very long time before language was invented.

We send a ton of information subconsciously.

Less than 10% of our communication is the actual words we use.

Most of our communication, even with people we don’t know, is non verbal.

One of the main problems of being a human today is the technology of society (and society itself) evolves WAY faster than human nature.

Because the world we live in is SO chaotic, it’s very hard to notice the MASSIVE amount of non-verbal signals.

There is one “class” of people who are EXPERT body language readers.

Even though these people have regular jobs, and a lot of importance, they are MUCH BETTER at reading body language than everybody else.

In fact, the BULK of their success depends on it.

Who are they?

Not cops.

Not CIA agents.

Not poker players.

But Secret Service agents.

Plenty of studies demonstrate this.

And it makes perfect sense.

Their job rests on their ability to scan a crowd and pick up small, non-verbal “tells” that indicate danger.

It’s much more complicated than the movies, where they have to wait until they SEE a gun, and then shout, “Gun!”

If they showed the way they REALLY operate in the movies, it would be REALLY boring.

Since they notice things nobody else does.

Which means the people in the movie theater wouldn’t notice.

This is a GREAT WAY to practice cold reading.

Sit some place with a lot of people.

Watch people as much as you can, without drawing attention to yourself.

Pick somebody close by, and put them in your peripheral vision.

Then start to “free note.”

This is when you write as QUICKLY as you can, without pausing to even think about the words or the grammar.

The idea is to RE-TRAIN your natural ability to “pick up” as much information from others as possible.

Practice this enough, and you’ll be able to “read people” like an expert.

Even BETTER than secret service.

The secret service are HYPER-SENSITIVE to threats.

But they ignore everything else.

Train yourself so you can pick up a little bit of EVERYTHING.

Then if you decide to talk to anybody, you’ll have an EXTREMELY accurate idea of not only their state of mind, but what they are thinking.

If you deliver this through vague, hypnotic language, you’ll be perceived as having super powers of perception.

But it will REALLY be “re-discovered” powers of perception.

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