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The first level of persuasion is the features and benefits level.

This is when you memorize as many “reasons” why your idea should be accepted by them.

It’s almost like a performance.

You need to be articulate, charismatic, and strong willed.

To the extent that enough of your ideas sound good to them, they’ll accept them.

The more charismatic you are, the more effective this will be.

The more attractive you are (halo effect) the easier this will be.

The second level is when you ASK them what they want.

Turn off your own brain for a minute, and expand THEIR desires as much as possible.

Then carefully take THEIR desires and covertly “rearrange” them so they match what YOU would like them to do.

This is the Dale Carnegie strategy.

That you can get anybody to do anything so long as they think it was their idea.

This is EXTREMELY effective.

No charisma required.

No halo effect required.

No memorized list of features and benefits required.

You DO have to develop enough rapport for them to TRUST YOU with their deep desires.

This is the tough part.

You can’t just walk up to a stranger and expect them to start spilling their guts.

That's where the THIRD level of persuasion comes in.

It combines the BEST of both parts.

You do all the talking, so they don’t have to.

But you already KNOW the things they want.

You already KNOW their deep desires.

So when you describe YOUR ideas in the terms of THEIR deep desires, something pretty cool will happen.

One, they’ll naturally go along with whatever you want them to.

Two, they’ll be ASTOUNDED that you, somebody they just met, knows SO MUCH about them.

How is this possible?

By first going inside your own mind.

And drilling down beneath the surface structure ideas that make us SEEM separate from one another.

And getting to that DEEP LEVEL where we are all very similar.

When you speak to them on THIS level, it will FEEL familiar.

This will give them a wonderful mix of emotions.

One, they will FEEL that you KNOW them.

Two, they’ll recognize they just met you.

Those two mixed together will add up to a belief in your telepathic skills.

Or at the very least your DEEP UNDERSTANDING of them as individuals.

So even if you don’t persuade them to do anything, even if you just MENTION a few deep truths about them, they’ll NEVER forget you.

Learn How:


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