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There’s an ancient saying that we all have three faces.

The face we show to the world.

The face we show to ourselves.

And then our real face.

Our real face is hidden from us by ourselves.

One of the ways this stays hidden is through the common idea of “projection.”

It’s very difficult to accept all of our shortcomings and problems.

It’s much easier to point out those same problems in others.

It keeps us from looking inward.

If you CAN manage to look inward (very scary!) and accept yourself, you can gain MASSIVE amounts of peace.

Just for the sake of argument, assume that EVERYBODY in the world that bothers you only does so because they remind you of YOU on some level.

And the more you accept ALL parts of you, the less “those people” out in the world will bother you.

There is another VERY POWERFUL result from looking inward and accepting all of the parts of you.

And that is you’ll recognize that all the other people in the world have the SAME parts.

Human nature is ubiquitous.

There aren’t some humans that are “one way” and another set of humans that are “another way.”

Within each chest, they say, beats the same heart.

This is the secret to TRULY connecting with others.

By FIRST going inside and connecting with yourself.

Since most people are terrified of doing this, it makes it almost IMPOSSIBLE to truly connect with others.

Without going inside, there is always going to be a barrier between you and everybody else.

But when you go inside, and accept all parts of you, you will naturally and easily connect with others.

But from THEIR perspective, you will seem INCREDIBLY unique.

Open, insightful, even psychic.

Since you will KNOW more about them than they know about themselves.

Even before you even speak to them.

This will make people crave your presence.

This is both easy and difficult.

Easy because you can build this “connect-ability” all on your own.

Difficult because you’ve got to dig into your mind, your emotions, and fully embrace EVERYTING about you.

This takes some time and some journaling.

But if you take the time, you will such powerful powers of deep connection people will truly believe you can read their minds.

Because in a sense, you will be able to.

Learn How:


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