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How To Read Their Thoughts


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There are a lot of interesting similarities between cultures.

For example, in Japanese, the symbol for Sunday is of the Sun.

The symbol for Monday is of the moon.

These are the same roots of the words in English (sun= Sunday, moon = Monday).

Also in both ancient European and Chinese mythology there is the idea of a dragon.

Why a dragon?

Both cultures came across these reptiles that slithered around.

They were tiny, but their bite (which felt like fire) could kill you.

Since they didn’t know about chemistry or biology or poison, they both likely came up with the same basic idea.

These “evil” reptilian things were powered by some black magic.

So when they made their way into stories, they could fly around and breathe fire.

Joseph Campbell had to figure out WHY all cultures have the same basic structure their mythology.

The same structure that is in most blockbuster movies.

Logic says there can only be TWO answers.

One is that there is ONE source that everybody copied from.

The other is that the “outside” stories represent very similar “internal” thinking structures.

Chomsky figured the same thing.

His ideas was the all humans speak the SAME language.

Only different dialects.

Every language has verbs, nouns, adverbs, adjectives, etc.

But for some reason, we all think we are different.

We all are programmed, perhaps by our ego, to think OUR own thoughts and fears and hopes are somehow unique to us.

And since we RARELY discuss things in great detail, it’s very easy to believe that.

Therein lines the secret to “cold reading.”

Of seeing people and being able to read their body language, facial expressions, and the situation they are in.

By doing some digging into your own brain, it’s VERY EASY to “guess” EXACTLY what they are thinking.

Not only what they want, but what they are worried about.

When you can communicate those deep truths using some hypnotic language patterns, you will be perceived as being INSANELY insightful.

Or if you like, you really can convince people you have powers of telepathy.

This makes communication with ANYBODY very easy.

Because even if you don’t want to use any cold reading patterns, by knowing EXACTLY what’s going on inside their minds, you’ll know EXACTLY what to say.

To create ANY emotion in them you like.

Learn How:


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