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There are two basic ways to influence somebody.

One way is the common way.

To try and use the ideas in YOUR head and convince them to do what YOU want, for YOUR reasons.

Most salespeople use this technique.

Ultimately, it’s based on the very ancient “might makes right strategy.”

It’s in the form, “MY ideas for what you should are better than YOUR ideas for what you should do.”

This can come across as a gentle persuasion, or a hard sell.

But it’s still a might-makes right strategy.

The opposite is by turning OFF the ideas in your head.

And carefully pulling the ideas out of THEIR head.

Then carefully re-arranging THEIR ideas into YOUR suggested behaviors.

Since you are using THEIR ideas, it will seem like THEIR decision.

This is essentially the Dale Carnegie strategy.

The one that says you can get anybody to do anything so long as you can get them to believe it was their idea.

But there is another way.

A much deeper way.

One that goes BEYOND the idea of “separation.”

Both of the above strategies are based on the assumption that YOUR ideas and THEIR ideas are two DIFFERENT ideas.

But the much DEEPER technique involves going DEEPLY enough so that you both share the SAME ideas.

It involves reading them below the level of conscious communication.

Below the level of language.

Even below the level of conscious thought.

Kind of like if you had two separate castles behind two large and separate walls.

And a huge river in between them.

On the SURFACE they would appear to be two different kingdoms.

And communication between the kingdoms would require a huge amount of effort.

Until you find the DEEP passageway connecting them.

One that was built LONG AGO.

When they were once the SAME kingdom.

Humans are the same way.

We SEEM separate on the surface.

But deep below, we are really the same.

When you communicate on THAT level, they will REMEMBER the connection.




What’s even better, is they don’t need to speak.

You “read” them, and speak to them using a very careful set of hypnotic language patterns.

They only need to listen, and REMEMBER the deep connection.

Learn How:


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