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The Deaf Girl from Bangkok


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One of the most animated conversations I’ve ever had was with a deaf girl on the streets of Bangkok.

She was working at a stall selling souvenirs, and we were haggling over the price of something.

It’s one thing trying to communicate with somebody who doesn’t speak your language.

It’s something else to speak to somebody’s who’s deaf in another language.

Strangely enough, talking to her was much EASIER than trying to communicate with another non-English speaking Thai.

When you are used to using words to communicate, and you suddenly don’t have any words (e.g. you are trying to talk to somebody in a different language) it’s pretty difficult.

But this woman was INCREDIBLY articulate.

She knew how to use the precise facial expressions (exaggerated, of course, since we were haggling over price) gestures, etc.

It was, without question, one of the more memorable interactions I’ve ever had.

She’d type a number in the calculator, show it to me, and I’d go through all kinds of theatrics trying to get her to come down in price.

Then she’d type in a number into the calculator, and do the same, trying to get me to come up in price.

With only gestures and facial expressions, she was able to convey what you’d expect from a street vendor.

I’ve got a family to feed, I have to make a little profit, I’m really giving you a better deal than I’m giving everybody else because I like you, etc.

Because she was a much more advanced haggler, the price we agreed upon was much closer to HER price than MY price.

We humans have ideas inside our heads.

And we struggle to put words to those ideas.

And we hear ideas from other, that they also struggle to put words to.

Using words, which we imagine to be precise and accurate, it actually makes it VERY DIFFICULT to get ideas out of our heads and into their heads.

Using ONLY WORDS, it’s very difficult to understand the ideas in their heads if we ONLY pay attention to their words.

Which is why when you FORGET about the words, and pay attention to body language, non-verbal energy and the situation, you’ll gain TONS more information than words can ever express.

This takes time and practice.

But once you get to THIS level of communication, you can identify deep thought structures and patterns that they themselves would have trouble describing.

This will make YOU stand out in their mind for a LONG TIME.

Just like I still remember that girl from Bangkok.

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