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Humans love to be deceived.

We pay tons of money to see movies.

The movies are people that we KNOW are actors, pretending to be people we KNOW are made up.

Even the term, “movie” is not correct.

It’s shortened from the old school term, “moving pictures.”

(Not to be confused with the Rush album of the same name...)

But the pictures DON’T move.

It’s a mis-perception.

Most of what we THINK is happening around isn’t.

Most of the ideas we make up inside our heads about the world around us is INFERRED.

This means we take a small slice of actual data, and use that to extrapolate the rest.

The only color we REALLY see is at the very center of our focus.

Looking at our eye-brain-visual system, everything in our peripheral vision is black and white.

We only INFER the colors.

If you’ve ever enjoyed watching somebody do magic “tricks,” this is another example of how we ENJOY deception.

All magic is based on sleight of hand.

All sleight of hand is based on deception.

They trick us to look one way, when the do the “magic” the other way.

We absolutely LOVE movies like “Inception” and “Sixth Sense.”

Where we don’t quite “get” the ending and WANT to watch it again to see exactly HOW we were “fooled.”

Of course, there is good trickery and bad trickery.

Bad trickery is when you take advantage of other people.

Sell somebody a bag of potatoes when it’s really a bag of rocks.

Sell them a bottle of magic potion that cures what ails them, only to find it’s colored water.

But deception that makes us feel GOOD is fantastic.

The entire “story instinct” that the rich storytelling part of EVERY CULTURE is based on is proof of this.

We tell each other made up stories about made up people. 

So we can EMULATE those made up people when we need to.

So we can experience REAL EMOTIONS based on the adventures of those made up people.

You can think of “cold reading” as a mix of a wonderful magic trick with a wonderful story.

To reach into their minds, and through your understanding of human nature and human thought, tell them a wonderful STORY about them.

About how THEY will become the hero of their lives.

And it will FEEL like magic to them because of the way you deliver it.

Just like a skilled magician.

And a skilled storyteller.

All wrapped up into one.

Learn How:


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