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Win the lottery affirmations

David Espinoza

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I paid $5.00 for the win the lottery affirmations and I listened to it for about five minutes and the next day I felt compelled to buy a $1.00 quick pick and that turned out to be a $15.00 win! Whoo hoo! Then I listed to the affirmations again for about 6 mins and I got up and decided I would play the lottery.....on my way to play the lottery I found $15.00! (Whoo hoo) then I decided it was probably just dumb luck...I stopped listening to the affirmations and I just played the lottery normally and I didn’t win anything....I decided to try the affirmations again and I thought here goes probably nothing......and I won another $10.00 plus a free lotto quick pick. It seems weird that I actually have won and found money when using the affirmations but I wonder how is it seemingly working? 

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