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Texas Wolves With Guns


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If you were walking through the forest, and you gotten eaten by wolves, nobody would blame the wolves.

None of your friends would go hunting in the forest to get revenge on the wolves for eating you.

They would all wonder why you were silly enough to wander alone and unarmed into wolf territory.

If you saw a beehive, and decided to steal the honey, and got stung all the way into the hospital, none of your friends would want to take revenge on the bees.

They would all wonder why you were so foolish to stick your hand into a beehive.

If you were walking down the street and smelled some delicious barbecue, it wouldn’t be a good idea to waltz into somebody else’s backyard and help yourself.

Especially in a place like Texas where you might get shot.

The idea of respecting somebody else’s “territory” is a deeply instinctive idea, shared by many creatures besides humans.

It’s even one of the best scenes from “Breaking Bad.”

When Walter White, the protagonist, walks up to the (much bigger) rival in the parking lot and says:

“Stay out of my territory.”

Yet we violate this all the time when it comes to giving other people unasked for advice.

There they are, sitting and contemplating a problem.

Their brain, their thoughts.

And we walk up and think we have the right to shove OUR THOUGHTS into THEIR HEAD.

Nobody, (and this means nobody) LIKES unasked for advice.

What we PRESUPPOSE when we give unasked for advice is this:

“The thoughts in your brain are clearly NOT sufficient to solve YOUR problem. The thoughts in MY head are BETTER than the thoughts in YOUR head to solve YOUR problem.”

The paradox is that at the same time, we have an objective view of their problem.

We are not locked into their subjective understanding.

Many people see therapists and talk to bartenders about their problems BECAUSE getting an objective third person perspective is VERY HELPFUL.

There is, however, a VERY POWERFUL way to deliver advice wrapped in something that sounds VERY MUCH like “mind reading.”

A way to demonstrate to them that you fully understand their issues.

A way to show them that wherever they are, they will get better.

MUCH better.

All wrapped around very vague language that will resonate with them on a very deep level.

So they can discover THEIR OWN meaning in your “advice.”

This powerful communication strategy is INSANELY versatile.

Sales, seduction, job interviews, whatever you got, this will work.

Learn How:



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