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Cause and effect is a very squirrely concept.

One of the “proofs” that something is wrong is if it creates “causal chains.”

Meaning if A causes B, and then B causes C, and then C causes A, that’s not possible according to basic physics.

Contrary to movie science fiction, they use proofs like this to show that time travel is really impossible.

It’s not allowed according to General Relativity.

But even so, they STILL don’t quite understand “why” time moves forward.

Time moving forward is HIGHLY connected to the idea of cause and effect.

Since effects MUST come after causes.

But even in our monkey brains, we often confuse the two.

You’ve likely hear the familiar statement, “Correlation doesn’t imply causation.”

The reason people say this so much is because we confuse the two so much.

My alarm clock goes off at the same time the sun rises.

They are highly correlated.

But one doesn’t CAUSE the other.

Somewhere, way back in our evolution, we were programmed with a “better safe than sorry” mechanism in our brain.

So even if we are WRONG most of the time, it still was evolutionarily beneficial to ASSUME a cause-effect relationship.

This is why the famous “because” study works.

A lady was standing in line to make copies.

She said let me cut in line.

Everybody said, “no.”

Then she gave a reason, and used the magic word “because.”

Every time you throw in a “because” it makes the cause-effect circuits in our brain go nuts.

She first said, “Please let me cut in line BECAUSE my car is parked in the red.”

And most people said OK.

But then she said, “Let me cut in line, BECAUSE I need to make copies.”

People STILL let her cut in line.

Being able to leverage cause and effect is a VERY POWERFUL mental magic trick.

And when you combine this with the ability to read their body language, facial expressions, and their situation, you’ll seem like a WIZARD.

You will KNOW what they are thinking.

And you can show them that BECAUSE they are thinking that, they will have a FANTASTIC future.

This will cement a couple of POWERFUL ideas in their mind.

One is you have telepathic powers.

Two is they’ll truly believe their future is going to be AWESOME.

And three they’ll remember YOU forever.

It takes a bit of practice to learn how to do this, but when you do it will be EXTREMELY powerful.

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