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Sympathetic Human Resonance


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There’s an idea in physics called “sympathetic resonance.”

It’s commonly used to attempt to explain the law of attraction or similar ideas.

In physics, it’s pretty simple. 

If you have two pianos in one room, and you bang on one middle C, the other middle C will begin to vibrate.

Since they both have the same natural resonance frequency, one C vibrating will send sound waves through the air and make the other C vibrate.

Even if you stop the first string from vibrating, the second will still vibrate.

This is also how we hear sounds of different frequencies.

Inside our ears are a whole bunch of tiny fibers.

Each resonate at a slightly different frequency.

So when you hear a mix of different frequencies, each individual frequency vibrates a different tiny fiber in the ear.

Mathematically, this is called a “Fourier transform.”

By taking one wave component and breaking it down into the individual components.

But when sympathetic resonance is applied to metaphysics, it kind of misses the point.

Meaning when you “vibrate” at a certain “energy level” the “universe” will also vibrate.

So when you “vibrate” money, the “universe” will respond.

As a metaphor, this sounds pretty cool.

But as a strategy to get money, it sucks pretty bad.

For example, two people “vibrating” to get $100 will each have COMPLETELY different ideas what that means.

Or even money in general.

However, you CAN apply the idea of sympathetic resonance to other individuals.

This is kind of what happens when people “click” when they first meet.

The language to describe this even sounds like the physics of sound waves.

They say they are on the same “wavelength” for example.

This is fantastic when it happens spontaneously.

It seems so rare because we rarely look inside our own minds and objectively examine our own emotions.

We just kind of bounce around and “resonate” however we resonate.

When we happen to meet somebody that resonates at the same wavelength, it seems like a wonderful chance meeting.

But you can EASILY learn how to read people, and know EXACTLY how they are resonating.

You can read the situation, read their non-verbal communication, and know EXACTLY what is happening inside their mind.

Then when you describe that in specifically vague, powerfully hypnotic language, they will feel as though you are reading into their soul.

Even better, you can read how they are feeling, and then use very subtle cause-effect language to build a very COMPELLING future.

Making them feel better than they have in a LONG time.

And they’ll automatically associate that feeling with YOU.

Learn How:


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