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The Hidden Costs Of Fantasy


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One of the reasons economics is called the “dismal science” is because of the idea of opportunity costs.

If you’ve got ten bucks in your pocket, you can buy whatever you can get for ten bucks.

Whatever you decide to buy, when you hand over that ten bucks, that’s the direct cost.

The opportunity costs are all the things you CAN’T buy once you make your decision.

Say you’re in fast food land.

And you decide to buy a gigantic carne asada burrito combo with your ten bucks.

The opportunity costs are all the things you CAN’T buy once you decide on the burrito.

Nachos, burgers, a fat blunt, anything.

Opportunity costs are one of the main reason we don’t go after goals.

Everybody wants more money, more love, more sex, more free time, quieter neighbors, more respect, etc.

But we also enjoy all the stuff we enjoy.

And once we start doing things to GET the things we want, we MUST stop doing some of the things we like doing.

Even WORSE is the idea that we are wasting our time.

Meaning we might spend year trying something that will hopefully get us more money, but what if it doesn’t work?

That would be horrible!

Not only can we NOT DO the things we would have done (opportunity costs) but the stuff we ARE doing aren’t getting us SQUAT!

Instead, we prefer to “imagine” that one day through some kind of “magic” the stuff we want will just “happen” somehow.

Without any effort on our part.

In the present moment, this is an easy and comfortable thought.

But since it’s a fantasy, thinking this way comes with its own opportunity costs.

While you are sitting around waiting for the magic wish fairy to show up, you could be doing REAL things that will give you REAL improvement.

Developing the base skills that NEED to exist beneath every other skill.

The mental practice and rehearsal exercises that will make all other skills easy.

The mental foundations of ALL success.

What are these, exactly?

You can learn all about them.



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