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Go Slower To Accelerate Progress


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They say a directionless arrow never misses its target.

Meaning if you just randomly shoot an arrow without choosing a target, you can’t miss.

On the other hand, if you shoot an arrow at a target, you most definitely CAN miss.

Why would you want to shoot an arrow without aiming at anything?

Maybe it’s fun.

Maybe you like to watch the arrow sail through the air.

Maybe you like to imagine your an archer in an ancient battle.

None of those guys really aimed.

They just sort of picked and angle and hoped for the best.

With a bunch of archers on one side of a battlefield, and a bunch of soldiers on the other, you’re bound to hit something.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a very good life strategy.

Imagine a guy going out to meet girls.

Ideally, he’d LOVE to end up with a sex party threesome with a couple of disease-free, porn star freaks.

But most normal dudes will take whatever they can get.

Which usually ends up not being much.

This is like just shooting your arrow in a battle and hoping for the best.

Instead, consider the idea of having an actual target.

The threesome might be a bit too much.

At least in the short term.

Believe it or not, having a long term, “horizon goal” of having tight enough game to talk ANY group of females into a sex party is a worthy goal.

One that is WAY out there.

One that compels you to keep improving.

The best way to keep improving is to choose very tiny, very achievable goals.

Week one might be getting eye contact and smiles from five ladies.

Week two might be getting a few short conversations.

Week three might be getting some actual phone numbers.

Week four might be going on one date.

Most guys DON’T like this.

It seems LONG and tedious.

Most guys want the sex party RIGHT THE F NOW!

But here’s the great paradox of life.

The bigger your target is (sex party, for example) the less forward progress you’ll make.

The smaller your target, the more RAPID you’ll make forward progress.

This is a harsh question, but consider it.

Instead of “sex party” swap out any equally desirable goal.

Beach house, corporate president, etc.

How closer are you to that goal compared to one year ago?

Now imagine doing the slow, week by week plan.

Assuming you’d stick to it, and make slow, gradual, tortoise like progress, how far would you be in a year?

This is the secret to real tangible achievements.

The kind that will make your friends ultra jealous.

The slower you go, the faster you’ll get there.

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