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How Many Tools Aren’t You Using?


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Being able to deliberately hallucinate is a great skill.

So long as you don’t start to believe in the hallucination.

For example, way back when I was in JHS, me and my buddies would play golf.

There was a nine hole course next to our school, and it was cheap.

Only about $5 for a round.

We all had hand-me-down clubs.

One particular hole always gave me trouble.

Because you had to hit it over the water onto the green.

Because I knew the water was there, it made me nervous, and I always hit the ball into the water.

Until one day my friend gave me some advice.

He told me to pretend the water was really grass.

When I did, I didn’t have any issues.

It was a very useful hallucination.

But if I actually started to believe it, it would have been a problem.

Because I would have actually tried to walk across the water as if it were grass.

And since the water was actually part of a condemned lagoon, with big signs that said “no swimming,” I probably would have got some messed up lagoon disease.

The ability to turn on and turn off hallucinations is very powerful.

These temporary hallucinations can be used to either reduce anxiety or increase motivation.

So long as you can consciously manage them, they are very useful.

One thing they AREN’T is “auto pilot.”

Unfortunately, we humans are very attracted to any “auto pilot” idea.

As if we can think of something only once, and expect a sudden and permanent change.

This is why most self-help programs don’t work.

People have the silly idea that simply by passively reading a book, their brains will somehow switch on their own.

This is why people find the idea of hypnosis so compelling.

It allows them the imagine they can relax, and some other “THING” will do the changes for them.

Hypnosis IS a powerful tool.

But it is a tool.

And tools don’t operate on their own.

You could have the best set of tools in the world.

And set them next to a pile of perfectly cut lumber.

But unless you actively USE the tools, that house ain’t gonna build itself.

This is the great paradox of most self-help techniques.

The tools ARE powerful.

But if they just sit there, the are equally useless.

Which means you probably have enough tools in your brain.

It’s just a matter of figuring out how to use them.

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