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The Paradox Of Success


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Once I was on this backpacking trip.

We were going up over the first pass.

If you’ve never been on a multi-day backpacking trip, the first day is always the hardest.

You drive up as high as you can and park.

Then you walk up and over a pretty high mountain range.

Once you get on the other side of that first mountain range, that’s when the fun starts.

You more or less walk flat (at least compared to the first day).

Huge valleys, no people, meadows, streams, lakes filled with trout, wild animals, etc.

It’s all very much worth the first day.

And on this particular day, we were going over switchbacks.

These long zig-zags that slowly go up to a high mountain pass.

On this particular hike, there were a LOT of switchbacks.

Going back and forth, slowly upward, for several hours.

And each switchback was long.

So long that when you got to the end, you couldn’t tell if you were at the top or not.

It was VERY EASY to convince yourself you were at the top.

You could see the trail going up, and then only blue sky.

The closer you got, the more you started to convince yourself that you were almost there.

But then you’d get to the end, and you’d have to turn and go up another LONG leg up the side of the mountain.

Physical and mental torture all at once.

Almost there, almost there, almost there, aw crap!

Over and over and over.

This how many things in life seem.

You’ll be pursuing a goal.

So much you’ve got tunnel vision.

So much you start to think that once you complete this goal, you’ll be on easy street.

Unfortunately, it ain’t like that.

Not one bit.

Paradoxically, the MORE you convince yourself that the next goal is going to be the culmination of your life, the more motivated you’ll be to get it.

But once you get it, and see it’s true context, it CAN be a let down.

This paradox is hard to accept.

That from the vantage point of the VERY END of your life, they’ll be TONS of stepping stones into your future.

But BEFORE you achieve each of those individual stepping stones, convincing yourself THAT is going to be THE ONE is the best way to get motivated.

That’s just the way it is.

The easiest way to shift from that “aw crap” moment is to just keep on huffing it toward your next milestone.

This plays out in many areas.

Your financial life, your love life, your career life, your spiritual life, your health.

But the MORE of those milestones you achieve, the easier it is to maintain your momentum.

And you can start, or re-start, from WHEREVER you are.

Learn How:


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