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Crashing Monkeys And Spiderman


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There’s a common metaphor of a “branch swinging monkey.”

It’s often used by disgruntled men to describe certain women, but it can pretty much describe anybody.

As the disgruntled men use it, it refers to women who stay in one relationship until the next one is firmly established.

Kind of like a monkey who swings from branch to branch.

Men who get cheated on use it to describe their exes.

They didn’t want to leave the current relationship until the next one was firmly in hand.

But that metaphor isn’t entirely accurate.

Meaning if you’ve got the metaphorical monkey swinging through the jungle, there are TWO WAYS he or she can swing from branch to branch.

One way is the safe and comfortable way.

And that is to ONLY let go of the previous branch when the next one is firmly in hand.

This is safe, but it’s limited.

Your range of motion is necessarily limited to where branches are overlapping enough so one monkey can hold two at any given time.

But there’s another way to branch swing.

One that allows for MUCH MORE movement.

To get WAY OUT THERE where few monkeys have ever gone before.

And that is to let go of your current branch while you are still on the upswing.

And catapult yourself toward the next branch, even if you can’t see it.

This will allow you to travel through jungles that have trees that aren’t right next to each other.

Kind of like how Spiderman swings through downtown. 

Letting go of one web, flying through the air, attached to nothing, before shooting another web.

In real life, this means confronting a rather uncomfortable paradox.

One the one hand, most of us are terrified to take any action unless we KNOW we will be successful.

On the other hand, if you look back over the last few years, there is NO WAY you could have predicted you’d be EXACTLY where you are today.

The paradox is that your life is completely under your control.

But it is also completely unpredictable beyond a few days.

If you ONLY allow yourself to do things you KNOW will be successful, you’re like the monkey who is terrified to let go of one branch until he has another firmly in hand.

On the other hand, if you do things just to see what will happen, and full embrace it, you’ll go much further.

This is like the monkey (and Spiderman) who sails through the air, only with the self confidence that he’ll be able to grab SOMETHING before he crashes to the ground.

And yes, you WILL crash to the ground.

Both monkeys and Spiderman crash on occasion.

But unless you’re willing to crash, you’ll never get very far out there.

Get started taking action, and live.

Don’t just exist.

Learn How:



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