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Ideal Marriage/Ideal Husband

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Hi George

Please make an audio for Ideal Marriage/Ideal Husband/Get Engaged. Am a little lost on the correct words but am thinking some of the words from 'Ideal Partner' and "Perfect Guy' would work but change "boyfriend" to "husband" 


For instance:


My husband is successful, my husband is ambitious, my husband is romantic, my husband is intelligent, my husband is great, my husband is reliable, my husband is handsome, my husband is perfect, my husband is a great lover, my husband is a great provider, my husband is a great protector , my husband is wonderful.


My Husband loves me, respects me, admires me, takes care of me, is hopelessly in love with me, needs me, can’t live without me

I am in the perfect relationship, the ideal marriage, the perfect marriage, my marriage is wonderful, my marriage is blissful

I have everything I want, I am romantically satisfied, I am sexually satisfied, I am intellectually satisfied, I am spiritually satisfied, I am emotionally satisfied, I am happy with my husband


My husband satisfies me in every way, loves to satisfy me, enjoys pleasing me, enjoys taking care of me, enjoys emotional connections with me, my husband is perfect, my husband supports me, is there for me, needs me, makes me happy, keeps me happy, keeps me satisfied, appreciates me, is happy with me, knows me, understands me, pleases me, seduces me, waits for me, leads me, follows me, walks with me, love me conditionally, looks forward to seeing me, loves everything about me, etc.






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