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The Human Butterfly Effect


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There’s an interesting theory from classical physics.

Chaos theory.

It basically says that while the laws of (classical) physics are deterministic, we can’t really predict very far into the future.

An example is a two body problem vs. a three body problem.

Two bodies is two simple masses in space orbiting around each other.

Only those two, nothing else.

With only those two, and the laws of gravity, you could take a snapshot at any given time, and using only their starting position, predict what they would look like WAY into the future.

But with three bodies, this is impossible.

Two bodies means only TWO interdependent variables.

The movement of ONE is dependent on the movement of the other.

And that other is dependent on the first.

But with only two, the math is not too complicated.

But add in a third object, and now you’ve got THREE inter-dependent variables.

Which makes it impossible to predict what they’d be like.

The laws of physics still work.

It’s just the math is theoretically TOO COMPLICATED to predict very far into the future.

This idea was first discovered with weather predictions.

They would take a weather model, on a very powerful computer.

They could set the beginning conditions, and then let it play out for two weeks. (Two weeks of computer simulated time).

Turns out that EXTREMELY tiny changes in the starting conditions made HUGE changes in only a couple weeks out.

This is where they get the idea of the “butterfly effect.”

A butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil, and causes a hurricane in Texas two months later.

This is why they will NEVER be able to predict the weather very accurately.

It’s got nothing to do with the accuracy of the equipment.

And EVERYTHING to do with the theoretical and mathematical limitations.

Now, a weather system has only a few interdependent variables.

Wind speed, temperature, humidity, etc.

But what about human nature?

How many interdependent variables are there in a lifetime?

In a few years?

Even few weeks?

If predicting the weather a couple weeks out is impossible, how the heck can we predict our lives?

This is FANTASTIC news.

Because no matter WHAT you are doing now, ANYTHING can potentially happen in your future.

With one VERY IMPORTANT restriction.

You must accept that YOUR future MUST be created by YOU.

NO magic from external entities.

No winning the lottery.


But when you combine the idea of chaos theory, with daily consistent behaviors, ANY FUTURE is possible.

What daily behaviors?



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