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Are You Only Wiggling Your Fingers?


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Being able to reverse engineer something is a powerful skill.

Companies do this all the time.

They take apart their competitors product.

Rebuild it with enough changes they don’t violate any copyrights.

Humans copying other humans is as old as the hills.

One of the main driving forces of the Industrial Revolution was everybody was copying the crap out of everybody else.

Back then, everything was pretty simple.

The first big pieces of industrial equipment were looms.

Pieces of equipment that could take raw cotton, and then transform them into textiles.

The textiles could later then be used to make clothing and other things.

All you had to do was spend a few minutes studying one of these machines, and you could go home and build your own.

These looms are the main reason Japan got so rich so quickly.

They didn’t need to even grow the cotton.

They’d import it, turn it all into fabric, and then export it again.

They’d pay a little bit for the raw cotton, and then make a ton selling it as a usable fabric.

Of course today, the equipment in our modern economy is a kajillion times more complicated.

You would spend all kinds of time walking around some modern production center and not have any clue what they were doing.

That’s because what they are doing is based on all kinds of stuff that was done BEFORE it got to that level.

With looms, you can see the raw cotton, you can see the loom, and you can see the finished good.

Easy peasy.

But if you wanted to reverse engineer how to build a computer, and all you saw was the chip fabrication facility, you would be more clueless than when you started.

This is the way it is with human behavior.

Few human behaviors are as easy to copy as a loom.

Most human behaviors are like the chip fabrication facility.

Even if you see the surface structure, it doesn’t help much.

Imagine if you didn’t know anything about music.

And you wanted to copy somebody up on stage jamming on his guitar.

Just holding something that sort of looked like a guitar and wiggling your fingers around wouldn’t quite do it.

You’d need to study the deeper skills.

Music, both playing and writing.



Reading and responding to the energy of the crowd.

And all kinds of business and marketing skills that would get you up on stage in front of paying customers.

Luckily, when it comes to many skills, the deep skills are the same.

Even for music.

And if you start practicing the deep skills, everything on top will be much easier.

Learn How:


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