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The Paradox Of Wealth


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It’s extremely hard to be motivated ONLY by internal incentives.

This is a difficult but necessary idea to accept.

If you have a good job, with great benefits, high salary, and fantastic coworkers, BUT you’d get fired for being late, getting up early is easy.

On the other hand, if you are suddenly wealthy, getting up early (unless that has always come naturally) will be extremely difficult.

This is the main reason why lotto winners often end up WORSE off.

At first, it’s fantastic.

Because the money worries that plague most of us suddenly VANISH.

The sudden removal of a NEGATIVE feels very positive.

But it also removes all the external incentives that keep us busy.

Since everything’s EASY, people who suddenly get rich slip into some pretty bad behaviors.

Not criminal-bad, but unhealthy-bad.

Without the EXTERNAL and automatic incentives to guide them, they end up drifting.

Pretty soon the act of spending money is the ONLY thing that feels good.

And once the TRANSACTION is over, the positive feeling that comes from the transaction vanishes.

All the THINGS they have don’t really please them.

It’s the act of purchasing things that gets their juices flowing.

This is a very hard idea to accept.

It’s VERY much like the shift from being REALLY HUNGRY to feeling stuffed and miserable.

If you’ve ever purposely put off eating, or fasted for any reason, and you ATE TOO MUCH, you know how horrible the results feel.

But this is something that quickly passes.

The transition from hungry (sucks), to eating (pleasure) to being stuffed (miserable) goes away in a few hours, or at most a day.

But the transition to being poor (sucks) being rich (pleasure) and then ONLY getting pleasure from buying things (miserable) can last for a lifetime.

And just like it’s VERY HARD to imagine what it’s like to be stuffed WHILE YOU ARE HUNGRY, it’s very hard to imagine how being rich can be miserable WHILE you are poor.

What’s the answer?

Everything goes in cycles.

Eating, being full, sleeping, getting hungry again.

That is a very SHORT TERM cycle.

BECOMING rich is much, much different than BEING rich.

Since there is so much evidence that being rich tends to RUIN people that GET RICH without the requisite effort, this may indicate a very important point.

About our true purpose.

Not to BE rich.

Not to GET RICH easily.

But to spend our lives BECOMING rich.

This is the proverbial road that is MUCH BETTER than the INN.

This is the path upon which we can attain self-actualization.

The process of learning and improving and getting closer.

What if you don’t know HOW you’ll get rich?

Luckily, there is a large collection of foundation skills that lie beneath every other skill.

These you can get started on as soon as you want.

Learn More:


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