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i despise with an immense intensity of depth 

phrases that have programmed entire CULTures- in this case the western CULTure

example relevant to this request: "USE IT OR LOOSE"

what an imbecilic , self sabotagging  thing to accept...

therefore i propose this request and partially provide commands to indicate the intention for its design...


I always retain my progress

i always retain my skills

i always remain sharp

i am always advancing to greater levels

i am unstoppable

i develop myself to an unlimited extent 

i only grow

i only evolve

i am a high evolutionary

you are a high evolutionary

i can master anything in a few hours

you can master anything in a few hours

i always continue where i left off

i remember at will everything that has ever came in contact with my sentience

everything that has ever come in contact with my sentience is now organized and available to me, here it is here you go

everything that you have ever thought/seen/dreamed/tasted/smelled/heard/read/touched  is now organized and available to you, here it is, here you go.



this is the general direction  in which i would like for this program to be designed in

looking forward to finished version, George

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