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How To Become World Class


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If you wanted to be a world class guitarist, you’d need a lot of skills.

Least of which would be guitar playing skills.

You’d need business skills.

You’d need stage charisma.

You’d need skills of perseverance.

You’d need promotional and marketing skills.

Many people have the idea that they just need to be “discovered” to be famous.

While that DOES happen occasionally, it’s about as likely as winning the lottery.

If you look at any long term success, it will be a person that has a MASSIVE combination of skills.

For example, you can find TONS of people on YouTube that are excellent guitarists.

But with ONLY skills of playing guitar, YouTube is about as far as they can go.

This is how most people think about success.

By only looking at the surface structure.

This is dangerous.


Because to get the skills required to become a world class anything, it would take a LOT of time.

But if the surface skills were ALL you had, you’d spend plenty of years practicing ONLY to be on YouTube.

That would definitely suck.

It’s much easier if you flip things around.

Turns out there is a collection of deeper skills that underlie ALL surface skills.

Meaning no matter WHAT kind of surface skills you end up using to earn a living, having a strong set of deep skills will make it much easier.

In fact, the skills you have NOW are likely enough.

At least to get you going.

Meaning when you start to practice these deeper skills, it will give ANY skills you have on the surface MUCH MORE power.

These are easy, and you can get started today.

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