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NLP is often called the “study of excellence.”

In a way, this makes sense.

Most of NLP and was reverse engineered from naturally successful people.

None of the techniques were “invented” from scratch.

Most of the language patterns, for example, were reverse engineered from Milton Erickson.

Erickson actually DID invent them from scratch.

But he did so after a LONG period of trial and error.

He was a “practicing” physician.

The reason they use that word, practicing, is that’s what physicians do.


Every time they see a new patient, it’s more data and experience that goes into their brain.

One of the biggest mistakes in NLP or ANY kind of “self improvement” is they forget the “practice” part.

If you were to go to a seminar on learning 14th century French, you wouldn’t expect to leave the seminar fluent in 14th century French.

If you were to go a seminar on learning the piano, you wouldn’t expect to leave with full piano skills.

But for some reason, when folks go to seminars, and even when they read books, they seem to forget the idea that PRACTICE is always necessary.

Take a look at any competitive skill (sports, business, programming) and the ones that are the BEST are the ones that practice the MOST.

But in reality, this is only scratching the surface.

Some things are easy to practice.

You can watch somebody do something, and copy them until you get it right.

Shooting baskets, making a cake, etc.

But other skills are actually collections of MANY skills.

Performing anything on stage, for example, combines many skills.

The actual skill.

Confidence, poise, focus, etc.

The more VALUABLE the skill is, the more collections of smaller skills will be included.

Some of these skills are on the surface.

The skills you can see.

But others are not.

These the deep skills.

The mental skills.

Turns out, that most people are world class ANYTHING have not only the surface skills, but the deep skills.

But unless you know what those deep skills are, it’s tough to practice.

Because like every other skill, if you don’t practice these, you’ll be missing out on a big part of the picture.

But the flip side is that if you DO practice these deeper skills, everything on top will be much easier.

These are skills that can’t be seen, or really measured.

But they can be practiced.


Like This:


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