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Self Healing Toothaches


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A common idea in self help is that what we resist, persists.

This is a very simple statement, and it’s true only in certain situations.

Generally it means that if we ignore something, it doesn’t make it go away.

It only makes it worse.

For example, if you’ve got a physical problem, and you ignore it, it might get worse.

If you have an open wound, and you ignore it, it will get infected and could potentially kill you.

This is true with emotional issues as well.

If you have some kind of fear or anxiety that you don’t address, it will get worse.

Or if you have an issue with one of your coworkers, and you ignore it, hoping it will go away, it will tend to get worse.

On the other hand, sometimes these types of problems DO go away.

You might have a toothache, for example.

And you might “resist” the idea of going to the dentist.

But the toothache might actually go away on it’s own.

Our bodies are pretty resilient, and often times they CAN heal themselves.

One way resistance shows up is when we pre-frame the resistance of others.

It’s kind of a weird way of looking at things, but often times people respond to us how we respond to us.

To see this, imagine two people.

One guy is super confident.

Another guy is super nervous.

They both same the SAME THING to two different girls.

The confident guy is successful.

The nervous guy is not.

Clearly, the words are irrelevant.

The nervous guy IMAGINED failure, this made him nervous and he failed.

The confident guy IMAGINED success, this made him confident, and he succeeded.

The trick then, whenever talking to others, in any kind of persuasive way, where you have a specific outcome in mind, is to ASSUME CONFIDENCE.

Of course, this is easier said that done.

It’s like saying, “All you need to do to lose weight is eat less and exercise more!”

If it were only that easy!

But there is a trick you can do.

To guarantee a good outcome.

(unfortunately this only works with communication, not with weight loss!)

And that is to forget about YOUR ideas.

And talk to the other person about THEIR ideas.

When you are super confident, it gives the other person a good feeling.

And it’s that good feeling that makes whatever you say work.

But you don’t have to really be confident to create a good feeling.

You just need to talk to them about things they feel good about.

This means looking at the ideas in THEIR head, and forgetting about the ideas in your head.

This will make them feel good, and WANT to keep talking to you, no matter HOW you feel.

Learn How:


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