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Skeletons In Your Brain?


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One common idea is de-cluttering.

You can de-clutter your house.

By throwing out all the junk you haven’t used.

Make a lot more space.

Seeing a clean and spacious house can have some positive effects on your house.

On the flip side, there are those folks who are “hoarders.”

There are a few TV shows about them.

Guys and gals who have normal, ordinary lives.

But inside their house it looks like a non-stop tornado.

Tons of junk they never use.

Covering up the stove, even the fridge.

On one show I watched, they showed a guy bringing his girlfriend over for the first time.

She thought he was a normal guy, until she saw the inside of his house.

Most of us think our brains and ideas are like that.

That the people who think we are “normal” would flee in terror if they saw what we had in our brains.

This is a common archetype in many love stories.

The hero falls for the girl, but he’s secretly terrified.

That if she finds out what he’s REALLY like, she’ll vanish.

This archetype works because EVERYBODY feels this way.

Everybody is worried hidden skeletons in the brain.

Which is why even if you are talking to a close friend, and they are absolutely willing to listen, it can be VERY HARD to express EXACTLY what’s on your mind.

Which is why if YOU can help OTHERS to express what’s on their mind, they’ll see YOU as a hero.

A super hero.

This is much, much, easier than you think.

But it does require a bit of an effort that most don’t know about.

It takes a little bit more than just saying, “Tell me everything.”

That’s actually not only pretty lazy, but it puts the burden on them.

Instead, there’s a way to not only make it EASY for them to get what’s on their mind out in the open, but a way to do it that doesn’t even require they speak.


Yes, seriously.

It requires patience and clever thinking on your part.

And absolutely ZERO judgement.

But it is very easy to learn.

And once you see how versatile this is, you’ll be recognized by everybody who knows you as a super-genius communicator.

One SIMPLE application of this technique is to make a TON of money in sales.

It involves getting the deep ideas of what the customer wants, and making it BIG and BRIGHT and SPECIFIC.

All without them talking much.

Then you just connect that big, bright, specific idea to whatever it is you’ve got, and they will be begging to buy it.

Learn How:


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