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The Lightning Machine Technique


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When I was a kid my sisters and I would play with balloons.

We'd take a blown up balloon, and create static electricity by rubbing it on something.

Then you could use it to make your hair stand up.

Like magic.

Later, I saw a humongous machine that essentially did the same thing.

In the middle was this long rubber conveyer belt kind of thing.

Only it was vertical.

It picked up static electricity down in the ground, and then deposited it into this big metal sphere up on top.

Same principle as the balloon trick.

On either side of the big metal sphere on top were two smaller metal spheres.

When enough charge had been collected in the central sphere, a large bolt of electricity would shoot out to one of the smaller, side spheres.

It was bright and loud.

Essentially a lightning machine.

This is also pretty much the same thing that makes real lighting.

The static electricity builds up in the clouds, and when it's strong enough, it hits something on the Earth.

The same principle of little kids and balloons can deliver death.

Energy is energy.

It just does what it does.

If you can build it up and control it, you can do some pretty good stuff.

Fly big planes around the world.

Go  to the moon and back.

Maybe even mars.

This is physical energy.

Human energy is the same.

Only not too many people know how to leverage it.

Like non-human energy, human energy has polarity.

Metaphorically speaking.

There is "pulling" energy, and "pushing" energy.

Most people use pushing energy.

They take their ideas, their wants, their thoughts, their opinions and try to shove them into as many brains as possible.

But it's much easier to use pulling energy.

And it works just like the balloon trick.

Meaning if you can generate enough of THEIR energy by PULLING instead of pushing, you can get it to "stick" to anything you want.

And human energy is much more complicated that simple electricity.

Human energy comes in many flavors.

Which means whatever "flavor" the thing is you want them to do, that's the "flavor" of the energy you pull out.

Maybe flavor isn't the right word.

Maybe "frequency" or something is better.

Or perhaps "category."

Like "food" energy, or "love" energy, or "vacation" energy.

So long as you match their category energy to the category you want them to do, they'll do it.

For their reasons.

Since it will be their energy you're using.

Learn How:


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