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Isaac Newton is considered a genius.

He wrote a book on physics that accurately described the world.

So much that the world was considered “Newtonian.”

But then as people learned about more and more stuff, it turns out that “Newtonian” physics was just an approximation.

On a very large scale, things were “relativistic” because of Einstein’s general and special theories of relativity.

And on a very tiny scale, things made even less sense.

One of my favorite metaphors of science is that knowledge is like an island.

The stuff we don’t know is like the ocean.

And finding new “knowledge” is like finding a new piece of coastline on an island.

But for each couple hundred yards of coastline you discover, there’s WAY MORE ocean out there that goes with it.

The more we discover, the more we realize just how absolutely clueless we really are.

One thing that makes things much more difficult is that our brains are capable of some pretty fantastic hallucinations.

Ancient humans sat around, looked up at the stars and came up with some deeply complex myths and metaphors.

We still do the same thing.

This CAN make things WAY more complicated than they need to be.

For example, you’ve got a hunter and his prey.

Both want to live.

But one wants to eat the other.

If the prey runs away, it will live.

If the hunter kills the prey, he and his tribe survive.

On an internal, human consciousness level, this can represent and epic struggle of good vs. evil.

But on the surface, it’s simply a matter of one organism acting on its environment to acquire the needed calories (energy) for survival.

Many things can be seen through this simple dichotomy.

Super simple and basic, OR, super complicated and metaphysical.

Often we humans tend to WAY overcomplicate things.

We overthink, over worry, over analyze.

One of the ways we do this is whenever we try and persuade others.

We have all these massively complicated reasons why we think the OTHER person should do what we want.

And the more worried we get, the more complex these reasons become.

But if you switch to the simple model, your reasons aren’t important at all.

All you need to do is expand their desires, and you can attach them to anything.

This is hard.

Because turning off your own desires and reasons makes it seem like you are letting them “win.”

Maybe in the short run.

But if you keep your intention intact, it will happen.

But it will happen for THEIR reasons.

If you can accept this idea, of getting people to do what YOU want but for THEIR reasons, you can get them to do ANYTHING.

Learn How:


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