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Gut Vs. Brain


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Humans work best when we are constrained by external factors.

It’s very hard to create your own incentives, and stick to them as if they were external incentives.

For example, it’s VERY HARD to lose weight with food in the house.

One of the easiest “diet hacks” is to make sure NOTHING unhealthy is in your fridge or cupboard.

It’s nearly impossible to stick to any diet with a freezer full of ice cream and a cupboard full of cookies.

Going to be early and getting up early is also best done with external constraints.

If you’ve got a really good job that starts early, this will be easy.

If you suddenly come into money, you’ll start waking up later and going to sleep later.

This is one of the reasons why sudden influxes of money, while fantastic initially, nearly always ruin people.

Once the external incentives are gone, it’s VERY DIFFICULT to maintain any kind of healthy lifestyle.

Both physically, emotionally, and financially.

This is why often following your gut is often the WORST thing to do.

Way back in the day, when life was harsh, and resources were scarce, our instincts, our intuition, and out “gut” was a solid resource.

The only time we really experience that “flow state” today is when we are so in the moment, we forget about thinking.

Generally this happens when playing sports and music.

But this can happen when doing other things, like programming, writing, or painting.

But when we stop and think, AND try to follow our gut at the same time, it almost always backfires.

Kind of like being in the middle of playing a song, and thinking consciously about which fingers go where.

It almost always messes us up.

On a bigger scale, this can mess us up even worse.

Take for example, that feeling you get in the VERY EARLY stages of a romantic relationships.

You REALLY LIKE the other person, but NOT KNOWING how they feel about you is one of the WORST feelings you can have.

But your gut is SCREAMING at you to “bare it all.”

To tell them how you feel.

Unfortunately, this is likely the WORST strategy ever.

Because if you REALLY LIKE them, and they only SORT OF like, baring your soul will send them fleeing in terror.

This is when we let our gut overrule our brain with disastrous consequences.

This is not much different than when your brain is screaming at you to NOT eat more cookies, but your gut (literally!) is yelling at you to EAT!

The results aren’t good.

Getting others to like you is very much like selling things.

You WANT them very much to DO something specific.

But what your instincts are screaming is usually the wrong thing.

Paradoxically, when you learn how to do the OPPOSITE, it’s actually not only much easier, but much more effective.

It only requires a small bit of patience.

But if you can handle that, you can pretty much get anybody to do anything.

Learn How:


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