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Attract awesome events parties and fun


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I don't even quite know how to phrase this but here goes.

I feel like I keep missing out on the cool stuff, usually because of work sigh so part of it is about having a better work-life balance but also about timing, about fun events happening when I have the time, energy and money and am organized enough to go to them.  I sometimes forget about events or it's on a weeknight & I have an early start, now things are on Sunday nights!  Damn it! SOOOOOO 


I thought it would be cool to have a video around attracting awesome events, parties and fun.


Things like: "I have the time, energy, money, organizational skills and motivation to attend awesome events, parties and fun

I have the right worklife balance to be able to attend awesome events, parties and fun and I always have a great time there.

My life is so fun and exciting

There are lots of fun options during my time off work for me to do and it's easy for me to go to any of these I choose and still do a great job at work.

I have plenty of time for relaxation, rest, rejuvenation, work and socializing

I always remember about awesome events, parties and fun

It's easy to make new friends and reconnect with old ones

I meet plenty of fun, lovely, interesting, cool people and have great conversations

There is the right balance of fun, exciting things on my social calendar.

During my free days and evenings, when I want places to go and great groups and events to go to, there's plenty to choose from and every option rocks.

My life is thrilling and satisfying.  There is so much cool events to entertain me and it fits into my life perfectly.

I have balance in my life.

I have plenty of me time and plenty of opportunity to socialize when it suits ME.

I easily attract and attend awesome events, parties and fun things when it suits me.

I easily find great people to hang out with at these events.

I easily attract friends who share my interests.

My weekends are full of fun, time for me, for rest, for love, laughter, awesome events, parties and fun and time for quiet chill out time too.

I am having the time of my life.

My free time is awesome.

I get to rest on weeknights and have a great time out and at home on weekends.


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I still want George Hutton to make one for this.  But, Marebleja, thanks.  

Thank you.  And I am looking forward to the George Hutton one too, very much.

And while I do very much appreciate this, Marebleja, I hope George Hutton is profiting (making money) from this and your site, as it is only fair he should. 

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0$ earnings for now 

1. motive to help people 

2. If I sell something I will send george 50% - 50% for me and for maintenance 

Is it fair what you think 

I have a job for you percentage 

1, to write good scripts 

2.customer suport 

because you have a talent for it

write me if you file you are rhite person 

good luck
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