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A not uncommon movie them is one event, but that is seen from different perspectives.

Perhaps the most popular is the Japanese movie, Yojimbo.

About a single event, but was seen completely different from different viewpoints.

Since we all have our subjective views, it’s very difficult to ever see anything from a truly objective perspective.

Being able to switch between objective view and subjective view is a fantastic skill.

Even doing this after the fact is helpful, albeit rare.

Most people CAN’T or WON’T do this.

For example, if something happens that didn’t go your way, a great way to improve is to examine it after the fact.

To force your brain to see things from different perspectives.

The reason this is so difficult is it’s hard to let go, even temporarily, of our ego.

One way to think of our ego is as a very powerful social instinct that always holds up the idea of self as being the most important thing.

Those that didn’t have a strong “ego instinct” didn’t have a high likelihood of surviving in a hunter-gatherer environment.

But if you CAN temporarily turn off your ego, it allows for some very POWERFUL inter-personal techniques.

Just shutting off your ego temporarily, and seeing things from the other person’s perspective will be very helpful.

Nobody does ANYTHING unless it’s in their own interests.

But this is hard to see with everybody having their ego always on full throttle.

When you turn off your ego, and expand THEIR self-interests, they’ll start to be attracted to everything about you.

If you are selling things, it will be much easier.

If you are simply talking to people, you’ll be much more attractive.

It does take practice.

It can’t be faked.

And you have to know when to turn it off, and when to turn it back on again.

But once you can take CONSCIOUS control of your ego, and adjust it according to the other person’s “ego frequency” you can easily get anybody to do pretty much anything.

Even though this is pretty easy, few people know about this.

Because this technique is ONLY available to those who can effectively MANAGE their ego.

Since so few people even ACKNOWLEDGE their, this will give you an even stronger advantage.

Just be careful.

Using this for sales is fantastic.

But if you use this for seduction, you might get people you’d just met falling hopelessly in love with you.

And trust me, not many people SHOULD be qualified to fall in love with you.

Which is why you should always qualify first, and persuade later.

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