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Will You Be Like Van Gogh?


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They say an average customer has to see a message six times before it “sticks.”

When you go shopping for something, the more it costs, the more we need to think about it.

Advertising agencies say that you’ll waste half your advertising money, but the problem is you’ll never know which half.

Ever since adverting was invented, (which was thousands of years ago), the holy grail has always been to find a better and easier way to convince others of doing things.

Even before sales and advertising was invented, humans were persuading other humans.

Mark Twain famously said the difference between somebody who doesn’t read, and somebody who can’t read, is nothing.

Being able to read, but choosing not to, is the same as not knowing how.

We can say the same about persuasion.

The difference between somebody with great ideas, but can’t persuade others of their validity, and somebody with no ideas, is nothing.

Sounds harsh.

But consider that all the great inventors, scientists, artists and thinkers not only had fantastic ideas, but they also had the ability to share their ideas with others.

Not just share them, but convince others of their worthiness.

Imagine if Bill Gates had kept the idea of windows to himself.

Or if Ford had kept the idea of mass producing cars to himself.

Or if Mozart was content to write music just so he could walk around humming to himself.

Having a great idea is the first step.

Sharing that idea is the next step.

But the most important step is to convince others of the worthiness of your idea.

If you expect the idea to the work on its own, that MIGHT work, but it might take a while.

Van Gogh thought his paintings would sell themselves.

And they did, but only after he died.

While he was alive, he only sold one.

And that was to a friend.

If you’re OK with that, that’s fine.

But if you want to get your ideas out there, and accepted during your lifetime, you’re going to need to do bit more than just “put them out there.”

How do you do that?

First find out what is important to others.

Expand what is important to THEM as much as you can.

The more you can do this, the more receptive they’ll be.

Which means the more you can expand their DESIRES, the less impressive YOUR IDEA needs to be.

This means any idea you have will be considered GENIUS.

Learn How:


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