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There’s a common stereotype about older folks.

When they talk about their lives to younger folks, they make it sound much harder than it was.

The stereotypical grandpa talking to his grandkids is him saying he had to walk miles to school, uphill each way, in the snow.

While being chased by dinosaurs.

But like all goofy stories like this, there is a bit of truth.

Things were always “harder” back in the day.

If only because technology keeps increasing.

I’m old enough to remember ONLY being able to communicate in person, on the phone, or writing words on sheets of paper and sending them through the mail.

Now, obviously, it’s much easier.

Another way to look at this is there is ALWAYS an easier way to do something.

If you’re in your twenties now, when you are eighty, you’ll be telling your grandkids about how hard it was back in the day.

Maybe in the future they’ll develop some kind of implant that will allow for direct brain to brain communication.

Plenty of companies are already working on something like that.

For advertising purposes.

The idea of advertising is simple.

There is basically two components.

The idea, and the delivery mechanism.

You’ve got the creative types, copywriters, marketers, etc, coming up with idea.

Then you’ve got the tech guys coming up with the delivery angle.

And these tech guys are coming up some pretty scary stuff.

Like coke machines that send targeted messages.

When you are standing in the right place, you’ll suddenly “hear” a voice telling you why you should buy a coke.

They’ve even got experimental systems in trains where if you lean your head against the window, you’ll “hear” messages about what you should be buying.

A very common phrase is very appropriate here.

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

What is “the same?”

That advertising is essentially using thousand year old technology.

Of persuading people by putting ideas INTO their heads that didn't exist before.

Nearly every single sales technique, marketing and advertising strategy uses this angle.

Taking an idea, and putting it into somebody’s brain.

The ideas have evolved.

The technology of putting them into people’s brains have evolved.

The overall strategy is EXACTLY the same as when St. Paul essentially FOUNDED the early Christian churches, by writing SALES LETTERS.

Luckily, there is another way.

A much easier strategy.

One that involves much less stress, much less worry, much less effort.

AND is so enjoyable for the target, they’ll WANT you to use more of it.

This means you can use it on EVERYBODY.

Friends, lovers, strangers.

Let the other sales goofs use their thousand year old strategies.

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