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The Naked Greek Pattern


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Archimedes was a famous science guy from way back when.

One of the things he was famous for was screaming “Eureka!” while running down the street naked.

His boss, the king, had given him a problem.

The king had some guy making him a crown, but the king didn’t quite trust the crown maker.

He wanted Archimedes, his head scientist, to figure out way to see if the crown was 100% gold or a mix of gold and copper.

The story goes that as Archimedes sunk into his bath to ponder the issue, the answer struck him.

Gold and copper both have different densities.

The same weight of each would displace different amounts of water.

If a crown were pure gold, it would displace a certain amount per weight.

If it were a mix of gold and copper, it would displace a different amount per weight.

This idea hit Archimedes while he sank into his tub and watched the water get displaced and slosh over and onto the floor.

Having solved the problem, he ran down the street yelling “Eureka,” which is Greek for “I’ve found it!”

Another of his famous quotes is “give me a lever long enough, and I can move the world.”

Basically this means that you can move object of any size, so long as you have a long enough lever.

You have the lever, like a long stick, and you have the fulcrum, the part the lever is balanced on.

The ratio between the two sides of the fulcrum is the same as the ratio of the force needed to lift a certain weight.

If the side you are pushing on is ten times as long as the side you are lifting, you only need to push at 1/10 the weight of the object to lift it.

In physics and pretty much everywhere else, this idea of “leverage” is extremely powerful.

Every single thing you can possibly think of that you’d like somebody else to do can be thought of as a lever and fulcrum problem.

The amount you push down on YOUR side of the lever is what they get.

The amount you can lift, based on how much LEVERAGE you can generate, is what they do.

Most people try to persuade by PUSHING really, really hard.

But it’s WAY easier to only create more leverage.

The more leverage you create, the LESS you have to push (give) and the more you can move them, or the more stuff you can get them to do.

The REAL trick is where, specifically, this leverage comes from.

Most people think that the persuader needs to DELIVER this leverage.

But in reality, all the leverage you need is INSIDE the brain of the person you are persuading.

All you’ve got to do is ask the right questions, and they’ll do nearly ALL the work.

And you really CAN move the world if you have enough LEVERAGE.

Learn How:


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