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Coconuts And Quantum Physics


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One of the fundamental discoveries of chemistry, which also has a huge impact on quantum physics, is the Paul Exclusion Principle.

This law says that no two particles in the same system can have EXACTLY the same characteristics.

For example, two electrons on level one in an atom have both the same level, so the must have different spins.

There are a bunch of other characteristics, which allows for many different combinations.

It’s kind of like a bunch of houses can have the same street name in their address, but they each have to have a different number.

Essentially, every house in the world has more or less it’s own version of the Pauli Exclusion Principle.

No two houses on earth can have the EXACT same address.

No matter how similar they are, something HAS TO BE different.

Human desires are like this as well.

We will always have a ton of unmet desires within us.

This is one way to describe humans, and all animals.

We have a ton of desires that keep popping up.

They stay satisfied, but then they pop up again.

Things like food, safety, relaxation, movement, even things like learning and experiencing new things.

Every single one of these sub-desires kind of oscillates between being satisfied, and being unsatisfied.

And at any given time, we’ll have ONE desire that is STRONGER than all the rest.

It will be like this until we are no longer.

Even deeper down the rabbit hole is the idea that we understand on a deep and intuitive level that EVERY DESIRE will cost something.

Either time, effort (which also means calories), money, or risk.

Since we aren’t magical creatures that can poof things into existence, every single time we want to satisfy ANY desire, we have to pay the costs.

Whether we are stranded on a desert island and have to climb trees to get some coconuts, or we are in our favorite burrito shop and have to fork over a few bucks to get what we want, trade is always involved.

And this is the secret to easy riches.


Because as soon as we think what we are GETTING is worth more than what we are GIVING, the transaction will be easy.

The trick is to simply build the value of whatever they are getting, so they will GLADLY pay what you are asking.

Of course “pay” doesn’t have to mean money.

It might mean some risk they might incur by giving you their number.

Or agree to doing YOUR idea instead of THEIR idea.

Or handing you a sack of cash for whatever you are selling.

Unfortunately, most people do this the wrong way.

The hard way.

The low probability way.

When you do it the OPPOSITE way, (which takes time because it’s against human nature) everything will be opposite.

Easy, natural and HIGH probability.

Meaning once you learn how, getting others to do whatever you want will be EASY.

Learn How:


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