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Time Machines And Snow Cones


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I remember way back in fourth grade where I got my first gig.

Me and my buddy were in charge of selling popsicles at lunch.

All I really remember is we sat in a room, and it had a freezer and a box.

Kids would give us a quarter, and we’d put it in the box.

Then we’d take a popsicle out of the freezer, and hand it over.

Later in high school and college, I had plenty of retail jobs that had pretty much the same structure.

People would come up, ask for stuff, and I’d give it to them.

And in exchange, they’d give me some money.

And the same relationship existed between me and the people I worked for.

I’d come in and do that (trade stuff for money) for certain pre-arranged times, and they’d give ME some money.

If you had a time machine, and went forward in time, or backwards in time, this is what you’d see everywhere.

People working in exchange for money.

People taking that money and buying other stuff.

Sometimes these jobs would be traditional.

Sometimes they would be non-traditional.

The guy from “wolf of wall street” was a natural salesman.

Before he even knew anything about the stock market, one summer he (the guy in real life) and his buddies wanted some money.

So they bought a bunch of ice, and a bunch of syrup, and went to the beach and sold shave ice.

One summer they netted (profited) about $10,000.

This is the story of human history.

People want money, so they build stuff and sell it.

However, there is another part of the story.

There are essentially two kinds of sales.

One where you sit there and wait for people to buy your stuff.

Or walk up and down the beach with your shave-ice wagon and wait for people to buy some snow cones.

The other is when you CONVINCE people to buy stuff.

One way is easy.

It’s really no different than my fourth grade job.

Sit and wait for people to come and by stuff.

But if you can CONVINCE people to buy stuff, this opens up a LOT more doors.

Because convincing people to buy things is a VERY TRANSLATABLE skill.

If you can convince people to buy things, you can convince people to do a LOT of things.

Like hire you.

Or become your business partner.

Or invest in your business.

Or whatever else you want them to do.

And within this structure, of basic persuasion, there is the hard way.

This is the way MOST people learn.

The hard sell.

But there IS a way that is much easier.

So easy it will be boring.

But it will still work.

Learn How:


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