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Ancient Human Feedback System


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Feedback is an essential element of all progress.

Even the silly swimming pool game of “Marco Polo” is an example of a very basic feedback system.

One kid has his eyes closes, and says, “Marco.”

Then the other kids say “Polo.”

And the kid, with his eyes closed, has to find and “tag” somebody else.

Every time he says, “Marco,” and hears “Polo,” he has more info about where everybody is.

We humans have all kinds of feedback systems built in.

Once in elementary school, a friend of mine fell off his skateboard.

In doing so, he got a stick stuck in his ear.

It temporarily messed up his balance system.

Our balance system lives inside of our inner ear.

You mess it up and you can’t walk without falling over.

Essentially the structure is the same as in airplanes, so when they are flying and can’t see anything, they can still stay level.

When going after any goal, you need two elements.

A directional or horizon goal, so you’re going in the right direction, and milestone goals, so you know you’re making the right progress.

Way back in the day, before they invented farming, humans had both of these built in.

The direction was wherever the food was.

The milestone was their daily instinctive needs.

When they were eating, this was a signal they’d been successful, and they could relax.

When they were hungry, this was a signal to go out and kill something.

When they learned how to track animals, every time they saw a new set of tracks, this was also a milestone goal, letting them know they were getting closer.

When humans invented society, and more importantly money, this stayed the same on a structure level, but changes significantly on a content level.

Now, since there’s tons of stuff to make and build and sell, any one “horizon” career goal will do.

But the milestone goals are very, very simple.

What are they?

More money.

Stated as simply as possible, if you constrain yourself by making money by creating something of value other people are willing to pay for, having more money as your goal will never fail you.

The STRONGER your desire for money, the more motivated you’ll be to figure out ways to get it.

The more motivated you are, the more ways you’ll figure out, and the more STUFF we humans keep inventing.

In essence, modern human success is very simple.

Build up as STRONG as a desire for money as you can.

Then get out into the world and figure out how make some.

Luckily, we humans come preprogrammed with instincts that make this possible.

Since we humans have pretty much been doing this since the dawn of time.

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