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Boners, Poop And Snakes


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Chomsky became famous for his transformational grammar theory.

Basically, his idea was that Earth only has one language, and a whole bunch of dialects.

He showed that we think in terms of basic language structure.

And the only difference between the world’s languages is the deep structure.

For example, some languages, like English are “subject - verb - object.”

I ate a burrito.

Others, like Japanese, are “subject - object - verb.”

I burrito ate.

But it turns out that each segment (the subject, the object and the verb) can be further broken down.

And the structure of each “sub section” is the same structure of the whole.

This is what he called “X-bar theory.”

And when kids are between 0 and 3, they are actually calibrating their “language switches” to the local “dialect.”

This is why you can take any kid, from any country, and no matter WHAT country he grows up in, he’ll speak like a native.

It’s what Chomsky called “Universal Grammar.”

Another guy named Brown similarly wanted to find a “Universal People.”

Not a secret group of people that we all come from.

But a metaphorical description of a metaphorical group of people that have the SAME traits of all other people.

So he spent his entire career studying any group of people he could find.

No matter how advanced or primitive.

And he found TONS of similarities.

Like people are shy when talking about sex.

Nobody likes to be watched taking a dump.

People believe in some kind of “magic,” or a kind of science that can’t be seen.

Some of us call it religion, others call it metaphysics.

But EVERY group of people believe in a set of laws that can’t be proven or demonstrated.

EVERY culture has a fear of snakes.

There are ZERO cultures on earth that think of snakes as cute and cuddly.

Needless to say, when you find the SAME STUFF in every culture, then that kind of indicates it exists in our DNA.

We don’t need to learn to be worried about being watched taking a dump.

We don’t need to learn to be afraid of snakes.

We don’t need to learn to be a bit timid about talking about a boner we just got looking at the girl sitting next to us in class.

Another thing that is common in EVERY SINGLE CULTURE that has ever existed is the idea of trade or barter.

Sometimes it happens between friends.

Sometimes it happens between strangers.

But it ALWAYS happens.

And the ONE THING that is needed BEFORE any culture makes the leap from primitive to advanced is MONEY.

Money comes first, everything else comes later.

And since this happens EVERYWHERE on the planet, you can be there’s MONEY in your DNA.

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