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Are They Shooting Back?


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In stock charts, they have something called the “bleeding edge.”

It’s very easy to fool yourself from studying stock charts that investing is pretty easy.

Some of the technical indicators make it look simple.

When this one line crossed over that one, it’s time to buy.

When they cross back, it’s time to sell.

Combine this with a sound money management strategy, and it’s easy money.

Sound money management means if anything goes up 15%, sell it.

If it goes down 5%, sell it.

That means that even if you lose half of your trades, you still make money.

If you stick to your money management, then the losses will cost you 5%, but the gains will make you 15%.

Easy peasy, right?

One of my favorite quotes that describes how NOT “easy peasy” this is:

“Hitting a target is one thing. Doing so with a loaded pistol pointed at your heart is something else.”

Meaning anybody can shoot at a target, and with enough practice, hit the bulls eye every single time.

But once your life is on the line, it’s nearly impossible.

Check any police shooting.

It’s not uncommon for three or four cops to be shooting at a fleeing bad guy, each one shoot ten or twenty bullets, and MISS.

This is why trading stocks is not nearly as easy as it looks.

The “bleeding edge” is when you DON’T KNOW what is coming next.

With each successive tick forward, it could go UP or it could go DOWN.

Historical charts are graphical representations of hindsight being twenty-twenty.

When you see the whole chart, past, present and future, it’s really not any different than yelling at the quarterback on TV.

“Why don’t you pass the ball you dummy!”

We look at situations MUCH DIFFERENTLY when our emotions get involved.

Shooting at a target is EASY when it’s safe.

But when the target is not only moving, but shooting back, it’s extremely difficult.

This is why making money can seem so difficult.

Everything seems easy when you’re reading about it.

But when you get out there on the street, it’s much scarier.

Luckily, we all have the deep INSTINCTS to make money.

It’s just that in the modern world, they’ve been lulled to sleep.

They aren’t simple instincts like eating, sleeping, and wanting sex.

They are complex and subtle.

But they ARE instincts.

Which means you can understand them, cultivate them, and strengthen them.

These are the SAME instincts that have driven humans to create ALL the stuff we have.

Those same instincts are in YOU.

Wake Them Up:



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