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The Double Hidden Treasure


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A great story is “The Alchemist.”

It’s an easy read, and it’s deeply metaphorical.

Which means it can have a lot of different interpretations.

Essentially, it’s about a kid who goes out into the world looking for the secret of alchemy.

Alchemy, as it is traditionally thought of, is the process of taking sand or dirt, and turning it into gold.

Before humans discovered atoms and molecules and the laws of chemistry, they really had no idea what “stuff” was made of.

So they figured it might be possible to turn sand into gold.

Even Isaac Newton believed in alchemy.

But anyhow, the hero of the story goes out and searches the world for the secret to turning sand into gold.

And in the process, he has plenty of adventures.

He gets a job working in a shop as a salesperson.

And he’s pretty good in sales, and makes a lot of money.

Then he meets a girl and falls in love.

Then he meets a man who can control the weather.

Eventually he gives up and goes home.

Only to find his home (which was a church) has burned down.

And when he starts digging it up to build a new one, he finds hidden treasure under the ground.

The moral can be that what you go looking for treasure OUTSIDE, you really have it INSIDE the whole time.

But there’s another idea you can take away.

He went looking for a secret shortcut to get rich.

And he spent so much time and energy looking for that shortcut.

Even in the process, he made money.

He found a job in a shop, got good at it and made a LOT of money.

But because he was looking for a SHORTCUT to money, he ignored the actual money he was making.

Helping the shopkeepers selling their stuff to people who wanted and needed it.

But since he was SO BUSY looking for a shortcut to riches, he missed the money he was actually making.

I don’t know if this is what the author meant.

But the dude could have had a pretty happy life.

Making some good cash, married to a girl he loved and loved him.

But he was SO BUSY looking for a shortcut, he missed all the TRULY good things in life.

That he found secret treasure hidden back at home kind of ruins that part of the story.

It kind of makes it sound like the secret to riches is to go out looking for it, and then come home and find some secret treasure.

But the REAL SECRET to riches was hidden in the story about hidden treasure.

And that is that people make things.

People buy things.

And every time this happens, money changes hands.

Once upon a time, there was no stuff, and no money.

Now there's TONS of stuff, and TONS of money.

That is the REAL MAGIC.

Get in THAT game, and get some.

Learn How:


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