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Do You Practice Law Of Banana?


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I remember my very first “burning desire.”

I wanted to buy this electronic kit from Radio Shack.

But I didn’t have any money, and my parents wouldn't give me any.

And if I saved up my allowance, it would take several weeks.

I didn't want to wait.

So I got busy, and eventually got it.

Napoleon Hill talked about the burning desire.

Unfortunately, many people misunderstand a lot of Hill’s work.

His book, “Think and Grow Rich,” is unlike most books on money.

Most books on money are filled with esoteric nonsense.

And nearly all of them promise some kind of magic shortcuts.

You can get all kinds of money and fame and success WITHOUT doing any work.

If you only “believe” enough, a bag of money will fall out of the sky and land in your lap.

But Hill reverse engineered all the people that built huge financial empires.

And they did so without sitting around and chanting some goofy affirmations.

They did it throughout the course of their lives.

Essentially, “Think and Grow Rich,” was Hill’s way of describing their money making traits.

The most powerful was the idea of the “burning desire.”

The burning desire MUST BE stronger than any effort that will be required to create your fortune.

Imagine a monkey sitting at the base of a tree.

He’s hungry, and there’s a banana up the tree.

Climbing up the tree to get the banana will cost him 200 calories.

If the strength of his burning desire is GREATER than 200 calories, he’ll get the banana.

If he only has a burning desire of 150 calories, then he’ll just keep staring at the banana.

Maybe he’ll try some magic law-of-banana chants that will allegedly manifest a magic banana from the tree to his hand.

And that poor monkey might believe in magic SO MUCH than he expends more than 200 calories of magic banana chanting.

But it still won't get the banana.

The only thing that will get the banana is if he gets up off his monkey behind and climbs up the tree.

The same goes with humans and fortunes.

You need a burning desire.

And you need to use that burning desire to PROPEL you through the RIGHT ACTION to get whatever it is you want.

This isn’t easy.

Which is why most people will STAY broke.

Harsh, but true.

On the other hand, once you get going, and get some momentum, you can’t even consider living another way.

The other big idea in “Think and Grow Rich” is that thoughts are things.

Every single thing that exists today was once a thought in somebody’s brain.

And through action, powered by burning desire, those thoughts turned into things.

Do that and get paid.


Learn How:


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