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Misunderstanding Luck And Magic


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They call economics the dismal science for a reason.

It forces us to ditch magical thinking.

It is possible to succeed with magical thinking, but it also requires you be incredibly lucky.

This is the drawback with studying how to succeed from successful people.

The truth of most success is that it’s MOSTLY unconscious.

People show up with a collection of skills.

And they show up with those collection of raw skills at the right time.

And they succeed wildly.

But then when they try to explain WHY they succeeded, they necessarily miss a lot of information.

Even worse is when they attribute their success to some magical laws.

Think about if from their perspective.

Imagine if you show up on planet earth with plenty of raw talent, and very decent looks.

You become successful.

Later in life, people ask HOW you become so successful.

Which explanation do you think you’d rather use?

A) There is a magic law of success I was able to discover and resonate with.

B) Dude, I have ZERO idea! Just lucky, I guess!

One, (A), keeps people focused on you.

The other, (B), makes people NOT focus on you. Even get ANGRY at you for being lucky.

This isn’t easy to hear.

But since the sun comes up every morning, and if you toss a ball in the air a million times, it’s going to come back down a million times, we have to accept that we live in a universe that is governed by LAWS.

Not goofy and untestable laws like “If you believe it, you’ll achieve it!”

But measurable and testable laws.

Like laws of money.

What are the laws of money?

If you provide genuine value to somebody else, based on THEIR subjective value system, they will HAPPILY pay you.

Some people are indeed lucky.

They don’t need to try hard to provide value to others.

They just do what comes natural.

But they are STILL getting paid due to the laws of money.

They ARE providing value to others, based on those others’ subjective values.

Just because the lucky ones don’t understand that, it doesn’t mean it’s magic.

Once upon a time, people thought negative numbers were proof of witchcraft or voodoo.

Not understanding something does make it magic.

It just means you don’t understand.

And if you DO understand it, you can leverage it.

Lucky for us, the laws of money are written into our DNA.

Contrary to what the goofs who run the world tell us, money is NOT something that the “authorities” need to create.

Because every single time you get enough people together, they will INVENT a form of money.

And every time a society has invented a basic form of money, technology always takes off.

Money is an instinct.

Wake it up, and get some.

Learn How:


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