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Slot Magic - Works Great!


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I listen to Slot Magic on repeat while I sleep the night before I go to the casino. Below are the results that I've had during my first week of using this recording. Thank you George!!!


Monday, 10/20 - I went to the casino with $100 plus I had $35 slot dollars. I played one of my favorite penny progressive slot games, Quick Hit, with a $1.50 max bet.  My intuition told me to sit on the 2nd machine and if it stopped giving me wins, I was to try one of the others for 6 spins to see if it's a better machine at the moment. If I don't win at least the cost of those 6 spins, I was to cash out and try the other. This is the first time I ever thought to play this way, but it made a lot of sense since the progressive machines are linked together and they tend to "take turns" distributing bonus features & decent line wins. Anyway, I played for about 2 hours and left the casino with $400. That's a $300 profit.


Tuesday, 10/21 - I went to the casino with $100. I received bonus slot dollars today, so I had $45 slot dollars instead of $35. I played Quick Hit again. Initially, I wasn't getting any bonus features, but I was getting such nice line wins that the lady sitting next to me kept saying "Wow. You're so lucky!", "Wow. You got that again?!", etc.. She even rubbed arm & joked that she was touching me so some of my good luck would rub off on her. When I finally got the bonus, the win was very small. She said "That's all?!". I said "I'm just getting the small stuff out of the way to clear the way for the big stuff.". She said she loved my positive attitude. When she was leaving, she gave me the $0.19 ticket that she cashed out. In the past, I was reluctant to accept tickets from other players, but I read somewhere that not accepting them is like telling the Universe that I don't want money. Now, I graciously accept them and pay it forward.


Now back to the slots...After the players next to me left, I was down to about $50 and played the machine next to the one I was on. I got a few bonus features. I won a total of $529 from one of them. I played for about 3 hours & left the casino with $620. That's a $520 profit.


Thursday, 10/23 - Today was different because my husband also went. I told him about this recording & suggested he listen to it in the car while I drive to the casino. He doesn't normally win, so he was very willing to try the recording. When we got to the casino, he immediately started winning. He put $40 into the Quick Hit machine that I suggested he play. Within 2-3 minutes, he was up to $290. He played a little more, then cashed out and went to play other machines in the casino. We were there for a very long time, so I played a total of $300 plus I had $35 slot dollars. I ended up getting my money up to $490 with a $0.80 bet on Captain Cutthroat.


Normally, I would leave with my profit but my husband wasn't ready to go, so I ended up playing back the profit and returned home with the $300.  My husband ended up losing his winnings back. He said he was doing great, but he left several machines he was winning on because he was afraid the machine would take the money back. I told him that after he listens to the recording more, he will do better because instead of making decisions out of fear, he will start using his intuition to decide when to leave the machines. He said the recording definitely made a difference. He said he felt very confident & lucky when he got to the casino.


Saturday, 10/25 - Today, I went to the casino with $100 and I had $50 slot dollars. I played Quick Hit, but didn't do well on it. The machine I was on wasn't giving me any bonus features or any good line wins. I wasn't able to switch machines because the others were taken. I ended up taking $80 from the ATM to play one of my other favorite games, Captain Cutthroat. I played it for a while and got up to $380 with a $0.80 bet.


I decided that I wanted to get my money up to $500 instead of going home with the $380. I repeated several affirmations in my mind (I manifest $500 now. Thank you. I manifest a $500 payout. Thank you. I manifest a $500 win. Thank you. I win $500 now. Thank you.). I pressed the button to spin as I repeated each affirmation in my mind. I did this for about 1 or 2 minutes, then I released it into the Universe and just kept playing.


My money went down to $23 and I got the bonus feature. In my mind I said "The largest jackpots & payouts manifest now. Thank you". I pressed the button to start the bonus feature as I said the word "you". I won a total of $536 from that bonus. I played for about 5 hours and left the casino with $560. That's $380 profit.


Summary - I went to the casino 4 times since I started listening to this and was able to win profit each time. The combined profits for the 3 times that I brought the profit home was a total of $1,200.  I am definitely winning more consistently. There were times in the past when I would go to the casino for 5 or 6 times without returning home with profit or even winning anything decent. Now, I'm confident that I will continue to win...and the wins will be larger & larger.


If you play slots, this is definitely worth listening to.


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Sometimes I wake up early, so it can range anywhere from 51/2-8 hours.


I've never had any problems listening to George's recordings for long periods of time. I have been listening to his recordings since he was on YouTube and I created a 8-hour playlist that I listened to while I slept. I keep the volume very low. It's just loud enough for me to hear & understand the affirmations.


Ultimately, you should listen for the length of time that is comfortable for you. If you prefer not to listen to it while you sleep, try listening to it for 1 hour before you go to the casino or whatever time is good for you.

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SPJ - Right now, I use earbuds. They were very uncomfortable at first, but I'm now able to sleep on my side with them. I just had to find the right positioning on the pillow for my head and arm. I recently learned about SleepPhones, so I will be purchasing one of them very soon.


 Great, thank you for answering.

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